What We Do

We believe that music is a great medium and language in which young people can express their ideas, feelings, thoughts and hopes. And growing up in rural KwaNdebele, a previously disadvantaged community, did not cater for this need of young people. And NuBreed meets this need and gives a platform for young people to enjoy, study and practice music while attaining a Unisa accredited qualification.

  • Music Lessons

We offer music lessons that including doing the theory of music and playing music instruments practically. We then get our students to do their music exams with Unisa between June and October periods. We give lessons in keyboard, bass/acoustic guitar, western and African drums, vocals and African music instruments.

  • Life Skills workshops

We offer life skills workshops for community members, where we aim to equip people from our communities with relevant knowledge and bring them within different networks of different people of influence. Working with different stakeholders and institutions, we are able to give workshops like the following:

Business trainings

Career guidance

Life Coaching

Social and Health awareness

  • Nureed Band

NuSound ( band name)

  • Music & Book Library

We have a music and book library where all people under the age of 21 can enjoy our music and books for free. And everyone over 21 pays for this service. This is another way in which we raise funds to keep the project sustainable.